Yi Ji's Lab


  High vacuum chamber:
2 10-8 Torr base pressure
Six-pocket e-beam evaporator
single-pocket thermal source
gridded ion source


Liquid helium dewar with superconducting magnet
4.2 K and 8 Tesla magnetic field
  Measurement equipment includes:
lock-in amplifier, d.c current source, d.c./a.c. nanovoltmeter,
sub- femtoampere source meter, and current amplifier.



Pulse-tube cryostat for magneto-transport
Variable Temperatures from 4.2 K to 300 K and 0.5 Tesla electromagnet


Nikon optical microscope


Fume hood with spinner and hot plate

Other Equipment through shared or user facilities:
Electron-beam lithography
scanning electron microscope
wire bonder