[SCEN102 logo] Fall 1995 Tech Quote Submissions

Quotations related to Science and Technology

Submitted by SCEN102 class, Fall 1995
"Science Concepts behind High Technology"

Mostly listed in order received, except lyrics and poetry are at end.
  1. Technology does not have to be incorporated into a machine. It can be in form of a idea, a new way of things. Technology is a powerful force in increasing productivity. Much of the new Technology of Industrial production, like automation and robots is introduced by small companies built around one invention.
    Compton's Encyclopedia 1986, level 11, pg. 178
    Submitted by: Reena Patel

  2. Man is the best computer we can put aboard a spacecraft, and the only one that can be mass produced without unskilled labor.
    WERNER VON BRAUN, found in Nanowackology at SherryArt
    Submitted by: Tim Cooper and Laura Dalessio

    (The Bad!)

  3. Perhaps every scientific and technological advance comes with a price to pay.
    FRED ABATEMARCO, Popular Science, August 1995, p.4
    Submitted by: Mark Orlowski

  4. It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young.
    KONRAD LORENZ, Found in "Just Joking", vers. 1.0, WordStar Internation Inc. (1992)
    Submitted by: Betsy Winter

  5. I cannot give any scientist of any age better advice than this: the intensity of a conviction that a hypothesis is true has no bearing over whether it is true or not.
    PETER MEDAWAR, Found in "Just Joking", vers. 1.0, WordStar Internation Inc. (1992)
    Submitted by: Betsy Winter

  6. Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors.... Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations.
    ALBERT EINSTEIN, Found in "Just Joking", vers. 1.0, WordStar Internation Inc. (1992)
    Submitted by: Betsy Winter

  7. Never look at data on a Friday night. It can spoil your weekend.
    Anonymous Researcher, Found in "Just Joking", vers. 1.0, WordStar Internation Inc. (1992)
    Submitted by: Betsy Winter

  8. No matter how clever or artificially intelligent computers get, and no matter how much they help us advance, they will always be strictly machines and we will be strictly humans. When we finally do etend the living range of humanity throughout near space, possibly throughout the entire solar system and out to the stars, it will be done in tandem with advanced computers that will be as intelligent as we are, but never intelligent in the same way humans are. They will need us as much as we need them.
    ISAAC ASIMOV, found in Impact of Science on Society, an electronic text at Rutger's Library
    Submitted by: JoEllen Clark

  9. ..it would be better for the true physics if there were no mathematicians on earth.
    DANIEL BERNOULLI, quoted in The Mathematical Intelligencer, v. 13, no. 1, Winter 1991. Found at Furman Univ. Mathematics Quotations Server, search for "Physics"
    Submitted by: Eric Lam

    (The Good?)

  10. Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone.
    Submitted by: Dana Chaby

  11. The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.
    Submitted by: Rachel Mussaf

  12. Imagination is more important than information.
    Submitted by: Rachel Mussaf

  13. We are prbing that man can live in outer space and at the bottom of the sea. Meanwhile, in the area in between, its getting tougher and tougher.
    Unknown, quoted in the Farm Journal
    Submitted by: Rachel Mussaf

    (The Inevitable)

  14. Progress Through Technology
    Advertising slogan for Audi cars in 1986.
    Found in Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations
    Submitted by: Brian Lee

    (The Future)

  15. The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
    ARTHUR C. CLARKE, "Technology and the Future"
    Submitted by: Philana Gibbs

  16. The technologically literate person is one who understands the role and impact of technology upon society, accepts the responsibilities associated with living in the technologically oriented information age,...and uses technology as a tool for obtaining, organizing, and manipulating information and for communication and creative expression"
    Michigan State Board of education--Model Core curriculum, 1991
    Submitted by: Marc Lazar

    (The Future)

  17. When man found out the world was round, his perspective of himself changed. When he found out he was like the rest of the animals, his perspectives changed. In the end of the twentieth century man's mind, his last claim to uniquiness, is going down the drain.
    MONTY NEWBORN, Associate for Computing Machinery Computer Chess Committee, as quoted in Wire Magazine
    Submitted by: Kirsten Ryder

  18. However far modern science and technics have fallen short of their inherent possibilties, they have taught mankind at least one lesson: Nothing is impossible.
    LEWIS MUMFORD (1895-1990), U.S. social philosopher. The Conduct of Life, "The Challenge of Renewal" (1951).
    Submitted by: Lindsay Price

  19. Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.
    Submitted by: Laura Dalsessio

  20. No, this trick won't work... How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemisry and physics so important a phenomenon as first love?
    Submitted by: Laura Dalsessio

  21. Beneath the lawns and within the walls of the University of Delaware campus lie more than 700 miles of fiber optics and cable, forming a network that connects everyone to one another and to the information superhighway-the Internet....
    "The Messenger" from the University of Delaware.
    Submitted by: Kelli Barnes

    (The Future/The Inevitable)

  22. The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.
    O. W. HOLMES
    found at Zachary Goodyear's Quotes Page
    Submitted by: Valerie Bumpers and Lindsay Harris

    (The Good?)

  23. Ben flung himself into the sixties technology with the enthusiasum of a newly enrolled boy scout demonstrating knot-tying to his parents.
    Submitted by: Robert Brennan

  24. You fear changes and all that is new
    stand in the way of progress
    like primitive man afraid of fire
    'til he explores its many uses
    The power of the atom at our disposal
    yet it is called unsafe
    nuclear energy so clean and pure
    your ignorance is a disgrace
    Holding your fate in a magnetic grip
    of all your irrational fears
    the shadow of machinery cast upon the flesh of man
    blood, sweat, and gears
    the robots of dawn offsprings of industry
    spot you in the cobalt blue light
    one fell swoop and you've become a memory
    You worship a dead man hung with nails
    only a fool would die for the sins of humanity
    on your knees before electronics
    lets replace this religious insanity
    tear down the churches instead on the grounds
    build there the holy reactors
    give us the children science and math
    in place of bibles and pastors
    You bleeding heart liberals
    who oppose the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    must be compelled to retire
    you serve only as obstacles and should be used
    to fuel the nuclear pyre
    CARNIVOR, Technophobia
    Submitted by: Brian Boulden

  25. Neutrinos, they are very small.
    They have no charge and have no mass
    And do not interact at all.
    The earth is just a silly ball
    To them, through which they simply pass,
    Like dustmaids down a drafty hall
    Or photons through a sheet of glass.
    They snub the most exquisite gas,
    Ignore the most substantial wall,
    Cold-shoulder steel and sounding brass,
    Insult the stallion in his stall,
    And, scorning barriers of class,
    Infiltrate you and me! Like tall
    And painless guillotines, they fall
    Down through our heads into the grass.
    At night, they enter at Nepal
    And pierce the lover and his lass
    From underneath the bed - you call
    It wonderful; I call it crass.
    JOHN UPDIKE, Cosmic Gall
    April Quotation from Carl Johan Berglund's home page at the Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan (Sweden)
    Submitted by: Wendi Gelman