Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

SCEN103 Science Concepts behind High Technology
Spring 1999

George Watson
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
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Online Classes:

Feb. 10:   Introduction to Course
Feb. 12:   Simple Electrical Circuits
Feb. 15:   Ohm's Law
Feb. 17:   Parallel and Series Circuits
Feb. 19:   Searching the Internet
Feb. 22:   Tell Me More About Batteries!
Feb. 24:   Batteries and Bulbs
Feb. 26:   Publishing on the Web
Mar. 1:   ac and Power Distribution
Mar. 3:   Household Wiring
Mar. 5:   UNIX Crash Course
Mar. 8:   Electrical Safety
Mar. 10:   Resistivity and Play-Doh
Mar. 12:   Battery Testers
Mar. 15:   Downloads and Uploads
Mar. 17:   Intro. to Atomic Physics
Mar. 19:   Being Digital: Counting
Mar. 22:   Internet Challenge: Phase I
Mar. 24:   Internet Challenge: Phase II
Mar. 26:   Reverse Internet Challenge
Apr. 5:   Circuit Review
Apr. 7:   Midterm Exam
Apr. 9:   Exam Review and Discussion
Apr. 12:   Excited States and Quantum Leaps
Apr. 14:   Introduction to Electronic Structure
Apr. 16:   Introduction to Electronic Band Structure
Apr. 19:   Building a Great Website
Apr. 21:   Introduction to Semiconductor Physics
Apr. 23:   Penetration Rates of Appliances in the U.S.
Apr. 26:   More Semiconductor Physics - Doping
Apr. 28:   Building a Transistor
Apr. 30:   Introduction to MOSFETs
May 3:   Introduction to CMOS
May 5:   Computer Lab: Group Project Work
May 7:   Introduction to Digital Logic
May 10:   Sound and Its Digitization
May 12:   Circuit Simulator Exercises
May 14:   The Compact Disk
May 17:   Semester Wrap-Up
May 19:   Presentation of Group Projects
May 26:   Final Exam, 10:30am-12:30pm

Online Lessons:

How does a photocopier work?
How does a compact disk work?
What can you tell me about microwave ovens?
How does my telephone work?

Slide Shows:

House Wiring, progression of circuit loading
Xerography, photoconductivity and photocopying
Lithography, stages of diffusion doping

Online Resources:  

HTML Help Page
Scientific Reference Tables
Science and Technology Quotations
Online Newspapers
Electric Power Companies

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