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BPM 37093 (a.k.a. L 327-186) Finder Charts

For each chart, you can either display a larger JPEG image, or download a gzipped PostScript file.

A Note on Proper Motion: BPM 37093 has a proper motion of:


d(RA)/dt = -0.0573 s/yr = -0.86 arcsec/yr
d(Dec)/dt = -0.130 arcsec/yr

The images below are from the Second All-Sky Survey, which took place in the 1980s. Thus they are approximately 10-20 years old, and the star will have moved 10-20 arcseconds west and 1.5-3 arcseconds south with respect to its position in the finder charts. You may want to note this on your hard copies of the finder chart.


Small field, for large telescopes: 18.2' x 14'.


VIEW bpm-s.jpg (49k)

DOWNLOAD bpm-s.ps.gz (221k)


The circles represent the approximate area vignetted by the central hole in a Texas-style photometer for telescopes with plate scales of 10 arcsec/mm (small circle) and 20 arcsec/mm (large circle).

The stars marked (1) and (2) are the suggested comparison stars.



Large field, for small telescopes: 54.6' x 42'.


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