The Brown Dwarf to Exoplanet Connection Conference:
Making sense of Atmospheres and Formation
University of Delaware, October 23rd - 24th, 2014
Chair: John Gizis, University of Delaware
Science Organizing Committee: Jackie Faherty, Carnegie-DTM; Kelle Cruz, Hunter College; Emily Rice, College of Staten Island; Jackie Radigan, STSCI; Knicole Colon, Lehigh University

Day 1: 8:50 Opening Remarks by Ed Nowak and John Gizis Session 1: Young Brown Dwarfs (Chair: J. Gizis) 9:00-9:35 Katelyn Allers, What can NIR spectra tell us about young BD's 9:35-9:55 Jonathan Gagné, BASS Searching for young BDs in moving groups 9:55-10:15 Adric Riedel, But is it young? 10:15-10:35 Kay Hiranaka, Constraining the properties of dust haze in the youngest brown dwarfs 10:35 -- 10:50am: Coffee Break Session 2: Brown Dwarf Formation (Chair: E. Rice) 10:50-11:10 Sarah Dodson-Robinson, Observational Signposts of BD Formation Mechanisms 11:10-11:30 Taran Esplin, Searching for BD's in Chameleon 11:30-11:50 Trent Dupuy, Testing Models of Substellar Evolution with Dynamical Masses 11:50-11:55 Poster Pops 11:55 -- 1:30pm: Lunch Break Session 3: The Coldest Brown Dwarfs (Chair: J. Faherty) 1:30-2:05 Kevin Luhman, Current Constraints on the Properties of the Coldest Known BD 2:05-2:40 Caroline Morley, : Modeling Atmospheres at the Brown Dwarf-Exoplanet Interface 2:40-3:00 Mike Cushing, An Improved, Yet Enigmatic Spectrum of the Archetype Y Dwarf WISE 1828+2650 3:00-3:20 Kevin Hardegree, Photometric Variability of the Y dwarf WISE 1405+5534 at 3.6 and 4.5 um 3:20 -- 3:35pm: Coffee Break Session 4: Brown Dwarf Atmospheres (Chair: K. Colon) 3:35pm -- 4:50pm: 3:35-4:10 Kelle Cruz, Head in the clouds: What we can learn from L dwarf spectra 4:10-4:30 Stephanie Douglas, Untangling Physical Parameters of L dwarfs 4:30-4:50 Esther Buenzli, Peering into the clouds of the very nearby L/T transition binary Luhman 16AB with HST Day 2: Session 1: Exoplanet Properties and Atmospheres (Chair: J. Radigan) 9:00 am -- 10:50am: 9:00-9:35 Ming Zhao, Studying the Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters with Novel High-Precision Observations 9:35-10:10 Chad Bender, Probing Gas Giant Atmospheres with High Res Spectroscopy 10:10-10:30 Knicole Colon, Characterizing Hot Jupiter Atmospheres with Large Ground-Based Telescopes 10:30-10:50 Eric Mamajek, Ages of Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs: Recent Results 10:50 -- 11:05am: Coffee Break Session 2: Exoplanet Imaging (Chair: J. Gizis) 11:05-11:40 Rebecca Oppenheimer, Companions of Stars: From Stars to Asteroids 11:40-12:15 Sarah Horst, The Effect of Carbon Monoxide on Planetary Haze Formation 12:15-12:35 Alycia Weinberger, MagAO imaging of protoplanetary disks and what lurks within 12:35pm -- 2:00pm: Lunch Break Session 3: Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs with Missions (Chair: J. Faherty) 2:00pm -- 3:35pm: 2:00-2:35 Thomas Beatty, Opportunities of Transiting Brown Dwarfs 2:35-2:55 Neill Reid, Brown Dwarfs and JWST 2:55-3:15 John Gizis, Kepler and L Dwarfs 3:15-3:35 Scott Fleming, GALEX mission and The gPhoton software and database 3:35 -- 3:55pm: Coffee Break Session 4: The Brown Dwarf to Exoplanet Connection (Chair: J. Radigan) 3:55-4:10 Jackie Faherty, The Brown Dwarf to Exoplanet Connection by Object 4:10-4:55 Discussion Session led by J. Faherty, J. Radigan, E. Rice POSTERS --Diagnosing Physical Properties of Exoplanets (Lauren Melissa Flor torres) --Fundamental Parameters for an Age Calibrated Sequence of the Lowest Mass Stars to the Highest Mass Planets (Joe Fillipazzo) --A Study of Wide Companions to Dusty Young Stellar Objects in Orion (Brian Mazur) --IRAC Photometry for BDs and Exoplanets (Patrick Lowrance)