The Brown Dwarf to Exoplanet Connection Conference:
Making sense of Atmospheres and Formation
University of Delaware, October 23rd - 24th, 2014
Chair: John Gizis, University of Delaware
Science Organizing Committee: Jackie Faherty, Carnegie-DTM; Emily Rice, College of Staten Island; Jackie Radigan, STSCI; Knicole Colon, Lehigh University
Local Organizing Committee: John Gizis, Sarah Dodson-Robinson, Jim MacDonald, University of Delaware

NEWS COVERAGE Please check out WDDE Delaware Public Media reporter Eli Chen on our brown dwarfs and exoplanets conference and the UDaily story. Some of the scientists posted their BDEXOCON slides at Zenodo and there were many #BDEXOCON tweets. ORIGINAL INFORMATION Welcome! The Brown Dwarf to Exoplanet Connection Conference (or #BDEXOCON) will be held on the campus of the University of Delaware on October 23rd - 24th, 2014. The goal is to bring together researchers with an expertise in the atmospheres and formation of both both brown dwarfs and exoplanets for a lively discussion of the current, future, and overlap status of the fields. CONTACT INFORMATION REGISTRATION bdexocon AT gmail DOT com LOCAL INFORMATION The Marriot hotel on campus will have a conference rate under the group name "Astronomy" for October 22nd and 23rd. HOTEL Phone number is 302-737-0900. The conference will be held in Room 120 at Clayton Hall on the campus of the University of Delaware. Google Map Campus Map (Clayton Hall) FLOOR PLAN. Parking is available next to Clayton Hall. INVITED SPEAKERS Katelyn Allers, Thomas Beatty, Chad Bender, Kelle Cruz, Sarah Horst, Kevin Luhman, Caroline Morley, Rebecca Oppenheimer, Ming Zhao