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Nobel laureates lauded

UD researchers, scholars explain this year’s prize-winning work

Making way for a new science building

‘Building X’ aims to prepare more students for high-demand careers

A better way to predict crystal structures

UD’s Szalewicz and Nikhar use quantum mechanics to improve predictions
UD physicist Frank Schroeder shovels a trench for cables leading to a radio antenna he deployed at the South Pole.

​Data From the Cosmos​

In summer 2021, data gathered by the the world’s largest observatory, IceCube, provided a group of 16 undergraduate and graduate students from UD and five other institutions with the opportunity to contribute to research on neutrinos, high-energy subatomic particles that speed through space. The students, most on the UD campus and a few working remotely, used supercomputers to analyze data from IceCube as they developed their own research and computer skills.​

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