How Can a Course Website Improve Student Learning
and the Undergraduate Experience


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Table of Contents

So what was the question?

How can a website help my course?
Seven Principles for Good Practice
Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution
Copy of SCEN103 Homepage - Actual Website
Electricity and Electronics for Engineers
Copy of PHYS345 Homepage - Actual Website
Electricity and Magnetism for Engineers
Copy of PHYS208 Homepage - Actual Website

Enhancing Communication in a Large Class
Gathering Personal Information
Surveying Class Attitudes
Anonymous Suggestion Box
Moderating Submissions and Posting Responses

Making the Most of Class Time
Announcements Page
Concept Checks for Active Learning
Think, Pair, Share
Less Writing, More Thinking

Increasing Out-of-Class Time
Weekend Posting of Solutions
Exam Archives
Providing Relevant Online Resources
Student Project Sites


Author: George Watson


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