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Log onto strauss from an X-terminal or other networked computer and run netscape.

Customization of Netscape Navigator

From the Help item on the menubar:

Version 3.0 directions:

From the Options item on the menubar: The SCEN103 homepage will now load automatically each time you run netscape; you may return to the homepage at any time by clicking on the Home icon on the toolbar.
Please note: If you do not wish to direct Netscape to the SCEN103 homepage each time you use it, you may wish to simply add a bookmark entry.
You should now be at the SCEN103 homepage, if you were not already there! Look around our homepage if you have not done so already. When you are familiar with its contents, click on
Assignments at the top of the page. Clicking on Internet Worksheet should bring you to an on-line copy of this assignment.

Orientation to Internet Search Tools

  • I have found the following search engines to be useful for exploring the Internet:

    Search tools:


    Exercise 1

    Try each web search tool in turn to find information about SCEN103.
    Rate the top two in their effectiveness (number of pages found, speed of access, speed of search, etc.) in finding the SCEN103 homepage.

    Exercises 2 and 3

    Try each search engine in turn to find information about two different topics in which you are interested. Report two locations, also known as URLs or links, for each topic that you found as a result of searching the Internet. The Location appears in the window under the toolbar as a page is viewed (if Show Location is set under Options.
    (It's possible that http may not be the type of transfer protocol that you find; for example, you may have arrived via gopher. If http does not appear as part of the URL, the "Uniform Resource Locator," scratch out http above and write the correct protocol.)

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