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From the home office in Sioux City, Iowa...

TOP TEN REASONS TO TAKE "Science Concepts behind High Technology" THIS SEMESTER (overheard following the first class, as imagined):

10. I hate multiple choice tests! Looks like a painless way to satisfy my Group D science requirement.

9. Can prevent the excellent student/faculty ratio from becoming any better.

8. Will finally find out what all this Internet hype is about (Where's this world wide web thing?)

7. Get to come up with a cool (but tasteful!) name for work group.

6. With the money I save from not buying a textbook, I can finally buy an Ethernet card for my computer.

5. Watson guarantees that my newly-developed computer skills will help with all UD courses or he will personally buy back my Ethernet card.

4. I can qualify for free membership in the DNRC (Dogbert New Ruling Class).

3. Get to impress my friends with cool words like lynx, netscape, and grep.

2. See if rumor is true that Watson does an outstanding Sledge-o-Matic demonstration.

1. Will successfully execute paradigm shift from scientific reticence.

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