[logo] SCEN103 Science Concepts behind High Technology

Coming again in Spring 1999!
George Watson
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution
Technology -- a means to an end, not an end in itself...

How does a compact disk work?
How does my computer work and what can I do with it?
What is the Internet and what use is it to me?
What is the interplay of science and technology?

[Xerox animation]
Xerography and photocopying

SCEN103 is a course based on the science behind high technology, a course having no physics or math prerequisites. Student interests in everyday devices and high-tech objects are leveraged into a stimulating context for introduction of fundamental concepts of science. Live demonstrations and in-class group explorations of technology applications, in addition to daily work with the WorldWide Web, are essential elements of this course designed to promote scientific and computer literacy and awareness.

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