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[Ouch!] CURRENT KILLS (not voltage)

Current effects on human body, current through chest
(A, amps)
<0.01  tingling or imperceptible
0.02  painful, cannot let go
0.03  breathing disturbed
0.07  breathing very difficult
0.10  death due to fibrillation
>0.20  no fibrillation, but severe burning, no breathing
Also please see Electrical Hazards from the MIT Safety Office

Effects of different current levels through human body

Fibrillation and resuscitation

[heart signal]
  • Fibrillation is the fine, rapid, erratic, movements that replace the normal contraction of the vetricular muscle of the heart
  • Fibrillation can be stopped by application of another controlled electrical shock, known as defibrillation, often seen in movies and on TV...
  • A stopped heart can often be resuscitated with CPR techniques (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), but seldom a fibrillating heart.

Dielectric breakdown and sparking

[High Voltage]
graphic from City of Austin Electric Utility


Electrical Safety from the MIT Safety Office
Using Electricity Safely from Ohio Edison
Safety Search (for children) from Union Electric

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