The latest television hype concerns WebTV. With this revision, the family television set can be used to access the internet. It was originally created for the low tech browser, who needed a simpler way to browse the web. With this equipment, one can easily connect their television to the phone line and be on-line in a few minutes. WebTV allows the user to personalize his home page and have the internet as organized as possible, while being accessed by his remote control.

 There are a few setbacks, however. WebTV is still not a sufficient tool for viewing Java applets. Until recently, e-mailing through your TV was relatively difficult. Without the basic software found preinstalled on most PCís, it was challenging to send pictures or sound files online. Also, downloading material was hard due to a WebTVís small (and in some cases non-existent) hard drive. However, as more and more WebTV viewers become more adept at computer use, these problems are solved as televisions are simply united with personal computers. Some problems arenít just technical. Because the FCC cannot regulate the interent, children are able to access adult sites and some very offensive material can be viewed in the family room.

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Last Updated: May 19, 1999
Created by Diana Waxman , Jessica Bureau & Greg Roeberg