THE TRUTH PHONE:   This is not only a phone, but a lie detector as well as a micro cassette recorder.  This works by
calibrating individual voices for micro-tremors in the voice that are typical of voices when their owners are lying.  Sometimes the
tremors are not even audible by the naked ear, yet the data is able to be collected and the information is given digitally for about
$3,900.  A normal voice without lying would rate between about a 15 and 30.

SB-100:  It is virtually impossible to for this $900 remote- controllable briefcase to be stolen.  If it is armed and powered by a 9-volt battery, it will give a 35,000-45,000 volt shock to any burglars as well as give off a loud, high-pitched noise.

B-411E:  This instrument counters any audio surveillance such as transmitters, tape recorders, extention phones, or any other audio surveillance used by spies.  How, you ask?  Well, it monitors your phone line for a drop in voltage, which may indicate that there is some type of surveillance going on.  The B-411E will give a tone, running throughout the tape that records the conversation if any such drop in voltage is detected, and the voltage can be adjusted for how loud you want it.  Amazingly, it can recognize a device even while the phone is not being used.
      GENERAL DIMENSIONS: 12 5/8" x 14" x 2"
      WEIGHT:             48 ozs.
      POWER:              110/220 VAC 

VL-5000P: Another Countersurveillance instrument is the Hand Held Sweep System, which seeks, detects, locates and verifies covert radio frequency emissions on AM and FM between 1MHz and 1.5GHz using 2 9-volt batteries fo up to 8 continuous hours.
     GENERAL DIMESIONS:  140mm x 77mm x 34mm
     WEIGHT:             373 grams
                    SENSITIVITY:        10 uV to 1.5 GHz
                    OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:
                          Headphones:   15 ohm nominal

CCS BODY SHIELDS: Kevlar Fiber is literally STONGER THAN STEEL and is woven into with CCS Body Shields for the highest possible bullet- resistance:  a survival chance of 99% against the most commonly used hand gun, a .38 special.  10, 16 or 18 layers of Kevlar over a body shield are available.
    10 layer:  .22, .38, .45 caliber
    16 layer:  .22, .38, 9mm, 357 magnum
      Ex: Body Shield Raincoat: water repellant, (Burbury styled)
    18 layer:  .22, .38, 9mm, 357 magnum, protection against trauma

    Ex:  Body Shield Field Jacket (olive drab with military pockets) and Body Shield Reefer jacket (Standard police uniform jacket-water repellent-hooded for extra warmth.)
    These are so light and natural that one can harldly tell the difference between a Body Shield and a regular suit vest.  I guess it
is pretty important that you don't mix them, up, though... Might cost you your life!

AUTO TASER:  car security device that is locked to the steering wheel of your car and acts as a steering wheel lock, car
alarm siren, a taser, and a car stereo shield.  (FOUR IN ONE!!!)
If motion detectors sense anything, a series of things will occur:
    1) A screeching alarm sounds for five seconds before anything     else happens.
    2) An electron field surrounds the AUTO TASER and if the intruder touches it, he (or she, of course) will be zapped with a
5,900 milliwatt electron pulse, which is deactivated only with the owner's remote control, which is impossible for theifs to encode
because the code changes each time it is set off.  It is possible to see arcs on the AUTO TASER, showing that it it "live."
                          3 nine volt batteries (not
                          5,900 mW, 50,000 Volts
                          4 pounds (2 kg).
                          2 in. x 2 in. x 24 in. (5cm x
                          5cm x 60cm).
                          Up to 130 decibels.
                          Adjustable sensitivity, even
                          to the smallest vibrations.

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