Long Range Devices

These devices are used for undected listening and audio capture from a distance. The most sophisticated of these employs an apparatus similar to a satellite dish to concentrate sound waves. This is known as a parabolic mic. The finest of these are capable of magnifying a signal more than 75 times as much as a regular microphone, and can cost more than $900 (spooktech.com).
Portable Bionic Long Range Microphone EavesdropperParabolic Microphone Long Range Listening eavesdropper

Along a similar vein is the "shotgun" style microphone, which is a strongly focused microphone that does not make use of a dish. This allows it to be much more compact and easily concealed. Shotgun mics are designed to pick up sounds from a set range, and are focused in on the range of human speech to aid in monitoring of distant voices (spooktech.com).
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Another type of long range sound amplifier takes the form of a pair of amplifying headphones. These are directed toward a different purpose. While parabolic mics target specific areas, amplifying headphones are designed to amplify all sounds, increasing them up to 95 decibels. These are typically used in very quiet areas, where sensitivity to all sound is desired (spooktech.com).
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Last updated May 14, 1999