Cool Links

General Satellites Stuff

  • A NASA Site about Satellites
  • What is a Satellite?
  • All About the COBE Satellite
  • Different Types of Satellites
  • Still Picture of Earth from a GEOS Satellite
  • Satellites from NASA (added 7/23/99)
  • Telecommunications Satellites

  • ESA Telecommunications
  • Communications Satellites (from some University of Michigan kid)
  • Some Telecommunications Products


    Weather Satellites

  • NASA's GOES Project
  • Hot Stuff from NASA's GOES Weather Satellite Project
  • Weather and Earth Observation Satellites
  • NOAA's Geostationary and Polar-Orbiting Weather Satellites
  • Check out the view of Earth as currently seen from a satellite!!!

    Spy Satellites

  • VidCaps from Recently Declassified National Reconnaissance Office Videotape
  • Imagery Intelligence
  • NRO Web Site

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