How to protect yourself

  • 1) Install anti-virus protection software.
    The two leading companys are McAfee and Symantec, who produces a Mac virus scanner.

  • 2) Run virus detection software before using any machine

  • 3) Use only legitimate software and do not let your machine boot up or run any program from someone else's disk or from a network without virus checking all files first.

  • 4) Do not leave floppy disks in drives after use.
    You will forget about them and the next time you boot up your machine it will read and try to boot from drive. If the disk is infected it will most probably infect your machine. This is the most common way that boot sector viruses spread.

  • 5) Put write protect tabs on all your floppy disks and do not remove them unless you are certain that the machine you are going to use is virus free.

  • 6) Have the computer virus software scan the boot sector and the operating system directory upon start-up.

  • 7) Invest in backup software which uses the computers calendar to remind you to backup the system on a regular basis.

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