Cable Modems

Cable modems don't connect to your phone line, they connect to the same coaxial cable that you connect your television to. The idea behind cable modems to to allow faster direct access to the Internet via your cable company, which, because of recent legislation, may enter the telecommunications market.

Motorola recently developed a cable modem that runs at 30 Mbps -- 30 megabits per second. Just for comparison's sake, a fast modem will go 28.8 kbps; the Ethernet connections to all dorm rooms run at a maximum of 10 Mbps; and the University's connections to the Internet, a pair of T1 lines, run at 1.544 Mbps each!

This device may turn out to be the start of the much overhyped "Information Superhighway". But don't plan on getting yourself a cable modem any time soon: they cost roughly $600 apiece, and that's only for 10 Mbps!

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