The V-Chip: What Is It?

The Violence Chip is a new chip that will be installed in all television sets from this point on as mandated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This is a programable chip, meaning when parents buy their television sets they can program in certain criteria (such as amounts of violence, sex or explicit language) of the programs they do not want to see, or their children to see. Programs that have been predetermined of having any of these attributes will be blocked out of the TV set.

This calls for a rating system. President Clinton has given the television networks one year to come up with a way to code all the programs on television. If they do not create this system within the year, President Clinton decides who will.

Tim Collings (with financial assitance from Shaw Cable) created the V-Chip. Collings designed the chip to read electronic codes (which are the predetermined ratings of the show) before they are shown on that particular TV set.

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