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Sept. 24, 1996

Most liked aspects:

  1. What I liked best about the class is that it is a small size which enables us to learn more and work at a pace that everyone is comfortable with.

  2. Everything, especially working w/ the Internet and computer stuff.

  3. I am enjoying this class. In the science classes that I took freshman year, I never asked questions because I felt that my questions were so far below everyone else's level. Here I either don't fell uncomfortable asking a question, or I don't care what others thing about me.
    I appreciate the way you answer all my questions.

  4. I enjoy doing the battery information. It seems pretty relevant.

  5. I really enjoy learning how to use the Internet. It's a tool that will be really helpful to us and I'm glad that we are able to use it in this class. Also, the group projects are helpful in that we can interact w/ others in the class, while learning.

  6. The thing that I like best about SCEN103 is that we have the opportunity to lear nabout how science is affecting the world today via the Internet, election, etc..

  7. What I like best about the class is the fact that it is small. All of my other classes have at least 200 people so all it is is lecturing.

  8. I enjoy the actual demonstrations and experiments; I understand it better.

Least liked aspects:

  1. What I think can be improved on in this class is more time in the computer room.

  2. Studying Ohm's law, only because topics like this are difficult for me.
    What can be changed: Longer time period for group activities dealing w/ problems and concepts discussed in class. I feel rushed when working in the group.

  3. There is really nothing that I think is bad about this class. You are doing a good job of keeping me interested.

  4. I don't really like how things are just stated. Maybe do more examples.

  5. Unfortunately I don't really care for the equations and formulas, and bacause of that, I'm still having trouble understanding everything. Hopefully, I'll catch on.

  6. The thing that I dislike is that everything is on computers and it is often inconvenient for me to use one.

  7. What I like least about the class is sometimes the material gets monotous and boring. Some things are interesting though; e.g., Internet and voltage w/ Play-Doh.

  8. I don't like what we did today because I don't understand it.

Remaining questions or confusions:

  1. I don't really have any questions at this time. But I still need a little better understanding of Ohm's law.

  2. When circuits get more complicated (such as w/ more resistors).

  3. I'm sorry to say that the circuit that you have spent hours on in class

    [circuit of 3 resistors]

    still somewhat confuses me. When you set up the lightbulbs, things were starting to become clearer, but then you went back to the blackboard. Don't accept our blank looks as a sign of understanding.

  4. I still don't understand terminal voltage.

  5. (See above.)

  6. Thus far the only thing that I'm not sure of involves some of the information about the Internet.

  7. I think that I am understanding most everything we are doing.

  8. Terminal voltage (today's work).

Also an "anonymous" e-mail note:
One of you're scen students asked me to send this to you:

About your class:   Good/Bad

1. Good:  I like how you try to explain everything when asked to.
    Bad:  Sometimes you do not do as good a job as you thought
          you did, but the students see you getting frustrated
          and stop.

2. Good:  You use the WWW to do virtually all class assignments
          and lessons.
    Bad:  Some students know how to get there (you're home page)
          but have no clue how to get to all of the links that 
          you flash around. 

3. I think that some of you're students want to learn about other
things that have to do with science and technology,
other than OHMS LAW......

FINALLY,  I would like to say that you are a good teacher and a great
guy!!!  You have a good attitude and that is a definite "+". 
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

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