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From Stentor
That's an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them?
U.S. President, Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893) commenting on the telephone.

How Does the Telephone System Work?
North American Numbering Plan, explained by AT&T
Routing Calls through the Network, from BrainSpin at AT&T Labs
Glossary of communication and networking terms, from Lucent Technologies
Bell Canada's Guide to Inside Wire
How Telephones Work from How Stuff Works

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From AT&T
Historic Perspective:
Chronolog of telephone innovations, from AT&T Labs
The Telephone, in Technology in America, by PBS
"Who was Alexander Graham Bell?" from AT&T
Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone
-- Invention and Design: Telephone module

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From Sarnoff Research Lab
Telecommunication Resources:
MacKie-Mason's Telecom Information Resources on the Internet
Telecommunications Act of 1996
SCEN103 List of Links - Communications Decency Act

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Phone cord from NYTimes, 12/11/96
Ringing phone from AT&T Labs
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