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Compact Disk in jewel pack Introduction to Compact Discs
SCEN103 Class on CDs
Slide Show: CD Optics and "Scratch Resistance"

Introduction to CD and CD-ROM (pdf) fromDisctronics (UK)
   CD Basics
How CDs Work from How Stuff Works
With Plenty of Shine and Spin, CD's Weave Tapestries of Data and
At Last, CD Players That D-D-D-Don't Skip, from NYTimes

[CD diagram]
From Disctronics

Glossaries and Terminology
CD Information Center
  CD Terminology and CD and DVD Technology
Glossary of CD and DVD Technologies from CD Rom Inc.

CD Manufacturing
Slide Show: CD Manufacturing

[CD format]
From Sony Electronics
Digital Versatile Discs
News on DVD: Robert's DVD

Relevant Online Courses and Papers
Consumer Electronics Design Education Project:
  Audio Compact Disk - An Introduction, Writing and Reading the Data

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