Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Science Concepts behind High Technology

Fall 1996; George Watson
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

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Online Lessons:

How does a photocopier work?
How does a compact disk work?
What can you tell me about microwave ovens?
How does my telephone work?

Online Classes:

09/05 -- Introduction to Course, UD Computers
09/10 -- Simple Electrical Circuits
09/12 -- Ohm's Law and Electrical Power
09/17 -- Parallel and Series Circuits
09/19 -- Tell me more about Batteries!
09/24 -- Simple Circuit Analysis
09/26 -- Resistivity and Play-Doh
10/01 -- Battery Testers
10/03 -- ac and Household Wiring
10/08 -- Electrical Safety
10/10 -- Introduction to Atomic Physics
10/22 -- Being Digital: Counting
10/24 -- Excited States and Quantum Leaps
10/29 -- Introduction to Electronic Structure (isolated atoms)
10/31 -- Electronic Band Structure (metals vs. insulators)
11/07 -- Introduction to Semiconductor Physics
11/12 -- More Semiconductor Physics -- Doping
11/14 -- Building a Transistor
11/19 -- MOS Transistors and MOSFET Switches
11/21 -- Continued Discussion of MOSFET switches
11/26 -- Introduction to CMOS
12/03 -- Introduction to Digital Logic
12/05 -- Sound and its Digitization
12/10 -- The Compact Disk


Slide Shows:

House Wiring, progression of circuit loading
Xerography, photoconductivity and photocopying
Lithography, stages of diffusion doping
Integrated Circuit Yield
MOSFET Fabrication
Digitization of Sound Wave #1, sampling, resolution, and fidelity
Digitization of Sound Wave #2, aliasing
CD Optics and "Scratch Resistance"
Compact Disk Manufacturing

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