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Attendance in class and your assigned discussion section is required, unless alternate arrangment is approved beforehand.

Full Class:

Tues/Thurs 2:00--3:15pm, SHL123

Most class meetings will be split by group activities and live or on-line demonstrations. A 75 minute period, twice weekly, was requested to facilitate longer activities and fewer equipment set-ups.


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Discussion Sections:

These meetings will be used for personal computer instruction, in-depth group projects, and problem-solving sessions. Although discussion sections are typically handled by graduate-student teaching assistants, I will be staffing these sessions this term. Remember: Discussion sessions are for your benefit!

Required attendance starting Sept. 10.


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Computer Classroom:

The X-terminal site in 114 Pearson Hall has been reserved for computer instruction from 3:30--5:00pm on the following dates:
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Office Hours:

Wednesdays 1:30--2:30pm or by appointment (preferred) .

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