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  • Due by 5pm, Thurs. 9/12: (1 pt.)
    • Fill out and submit the survey regarding your current attitude toward technology.
    Survey Results

  • Due at start of class on Thurs. 9/19: (2 pts.)
    • Read through the handout of Chap. 12 from The Physics of Everyday Phenomena
    • Answer first 12 (of 19) "short" questions attached to handout.
      -- Working as a group would be a plus!
      -- Individual written responses are requested.
      Your results will serve as basis of discussion on Tues. 9/24.

  • Due at end of discussion session on 9/17: (1 pt) Your Answers

  • Due by start of class on 9/24: (1 pt)
    • Look over the SCEN103 list of online newspapers.
    • Register your "subscription" for the New York Times
      -- please do NOT use the same password as your UD composer account
    • Find an additional science or technology listing that I can include in this list, preferably from one of the newspapers not listed.
    Your Answers

  • Due at start of class on Thurs. 9/26: (2 pts.)
    • Submit written solutions to the following four exercises from the end of Chap. 12 from The Physics of Everyday Phenomena: E12.4, 5, 8, 12

  • Due via e-mail form by 5:00pm on Friday 10/4 (1 pt.) Your Answers

  • As soon as possible:

  • Due via e-mail by 5:00pm on Friday 10/25 (1 pt.)

  • Due via e-mail by 5:00pm on Friday 11/8 (3 pts. each)

  • UNIX Worksheet (2 pts.)
    • 0.5 point for creating .plan and making it accessible to the finger command.
    • 0.5 point for creating .signature and setting pine to use it
      -- and e-mailing message to ghw@udel.edu by Tuesday 11/12, 5pm.
    • 1.0 point for creating a rudimentary homepage by Friday 11/15, 5 pm.

  • pine and xv Worksheet (2 pts., w/ optional bonus pts)
    • 1 point for attending discussion session on Tuesday 11/19 and examining figure attached to recent e-mail message.
    • 1 point for completing assignment as outlined in the text attached to the same e-mail message
      -- and e-mailing message to ghw@udel.edu by Friday 11/27, 5pm.
    • 1 point BONUS: Include your written solution as an attachment to the e-mail message above!
    • 1 point BONUS: Attach a graphics file that I might find interesting.

  • HTML Worksheet (2 pts.)

  • Logic Homework (3 pts.)
    • Due in class on Tuesday 12/10

  • Group Term Project: Rules; Ideas
    • Contract for Group Project due before 5pm, Tuesday, 11/12.
    • Group Presentation due in discussion session on Tuesday, 12/10.

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