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Submissions are verbatim :)

Purple Umbrella

  1. Radiation from microwaves would not exist.
  2. Some traffic lights are very long.
  3. Computers would not work.
  4. Alarm clocks take away excuses.
  5. T.V.s take away from studying and playing outside.
  6. Some students wouldn't have anything to do all day (such as videogames and computer hacking).

Blue Hens

  1. Wakes me up when I don't want to!
  2. Less privacy (cell phones, beepers, Internet)
  3. No movies, radio, TV, VCR, entertainment
  4. Night clubs would suck (good thing?)
  5. Transistors make us lazy!!
  6. Video phone (See #2)
  7. We would not have radar detectors - more tickets
  8. Our $100 bill would not be ugly - no security thread
  9. Entertainment overload (See #3)
  10. Tracking devices
  11. Holographs
  12. Web pages would suck
  13. Shoe designs
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