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[Duracell battery] Consider the different battery packages that are commonly available: AAA, AA, C, or D. Does the data on
battery characteristics support the following hypothesis:
The energy content of a battery is proportional to its volume.
  • Please support your discussion with calculation and graph. Results:

    Cell Type Length Diameter Volume Vol. rel. Energy Energy rel.
    (calc.) to AAA content to AAA
    (in.) (in.) (cu. in.) (mA-hr)
    D 2.2 1.3 2.9 14 8000 13
    C 1.8 1.0 1.4 6.7 3000 5.0
    AA 1.9 0.55 0.45 2.1 1400 2.3
    AAA 1.7 0.40 0.21 -- 600 --

    Refer to graph of above data to see if hypothesis is supported.

    Refer to graph of battery characteristics relative to AAA cell for continued dicussion.

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