[logo] Students' Evaluations of SCEN103, Fall 1996

The following comments are from the written part of the end-of-semester course evaluation by the students. All comments are included; I shuffled the responses randomly.

  1. Dr. W. was genuinely interested in success of his students. Made himself available via telephone and e-mail frequently. Bravo! Dr. W.

  2. Dr. Watson is one of the most intelligent men I have ever known in his field. He was, at all times, willing to help and patient.
    These have been difficult and frustrating areas of study, but he has always found a way to make them at least vaguely interesting and explained in a layman's way.

  3. This class was very small this semester, but in talking with some peers, they were interested in taking it next semester. Many were disappointed to hear it's not offered next semster.

  4. Dr. Watson is a very good teacher. Some of the material was kind of boring, but it was interesting.

  5. I thought that Dr. Watson was an excellent instructor. I would definitely like to take another class with him as the teacher. He makes it fun to learn science. I used to hate science, but now I find it interesting.

  6. It was obvious that he really cares about the students and teaching. He always tries to keep interest.
    I think to keep enrollment in the course up you need to get advisers to mention it as a group D.

  7. I feel that this course is very good. I learned a lot of things about the Internet and the science behind it.

  8. It was good.

Students' Evaluations of SCEN167, Spring 1996

  1. -- I enjoyed the course very much and learned a great deal. Dr. Watson went out of his way to make the learning process "painless" for students, making sure everyone was up to speed, and ensuring us that there is no such thing as a "dumb question".
    -- A small packet of material to use as a textbook would have been somewhat beneficial. I can't always get to a computer, and my home computer is not capable of presenting graphics.
    -- Yes! Full speed ahead Dr. Watson!

  2. Good teaching Doc. Keep up the good work. Right still unsure of transistors but your teaching method is good.

  3. In my 4 years at the U of D, this is definitely one of the best courses I have taken. I truly wanted a course that would expand my computer literacy, but not be as hard core as a comp. science class. This class was perfect. Dr. Watson is a fantastic teacher. He obviously loves the material, he is 120% prepared for each class (with his online lessons), and he honestly challenged me this semester. Possibly the only bad thing I could say about Dr. Watson is his humor is a little corny!! But it lightens up the class. I would recommend this class and teacher to everyone.

  4. Need some way to make sure that group members aren't getting lost. I had some trouble and tended to rely on other members too much.

  5. I feel if the course were held in a computer lab it might be more beneficial. Mr. Watson was very well prepared and put a great deal of effort into this course. He was always willing to help in/out of class. Some of the topics discussed were a little dry and maybe too much detail for a 100-level course, but overall Dr. Watson did a good job w/ SCEN167.

  6. Just wanted to say that Dr. Watson is terrific! He makes (and understands) more real-world computer things than most of my CIS professors do, and makes good use of those resources. I enjoyed the class immensely, and would take another class from Dr. Watson anytime.

  7. You should do more w/ the Internet
    -- talk about html
    -- talk about different types of browsers
    -- talk more about TNVT and UNIX stuff.
    But this is still a real good class. You should teach higher levels, like SCEN267 or whatever.

  8. Very enjoyable class that was a great learning experience, especially with todays' need for technological knowledge.

  9. I think this course was informative. I learned a lot about the Internet and computers. However, I don't like the idea of no textbook. I don't feel prepared for the final and also all the tests and quizzes. Mr. Watson is a very good teacher and makes class very interesting.

Students' Evaluations of SCEN102, Fall 1995

  1. Creative course. Beneficial for acquiring knowledge about computers. Especially good for a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on computers.

  2. Good course for the non-science major students.

  3. Prof. Watson was a very good instructor who did a great job introducing this new course. He held very interesting lectures where he explained electronics that specifically pertained to students. Overall I liked the course very much.

  4. I thought Prof. Watson was great and very patient with me since I didn't understand a thing he was saying. He never gave up on me. I sometimes thought he assumed I knew things that I didn't. I found it very hard not having a textbook to refer to when I didn't understand what was taught in class.

  5. The course was very different [from] any other class that I have ever taken. I really liked the class lessons on-line, very helpful. Watson could be a little more energetic. The course needs more direct and organized structure, but that's understandable because it's the first time the course was given. Watson's grading was very clear and very fair. Could spend less time on circuits; I kind of felt like a lot of information was crammed in at the end. Overall, I would recommend the course. I think it will get better with time. We were the guinea pigs.

  6. Originally I took this class as a requirement, but I'm really glad I took it. Prof. Watson is an outstanding teacher with a lot of energy for the subject. The Internet was a good teaching technique.

  7. Prof. Watson is a great professor. Very understanding and works well with students.

  8. The class was extremely interesting and provided a great deal of information on difficult subjects. The mechanisms involved in a compact disk and other electronic equipment can really be appreciated at this point. Professor Watson's activities on the Internet gave the class a working knowledge of the latest Internet technology, which will be useful in the future. Finally, the group work helped everyone get together and understand the material better together.

  9. I think there needs to be a textbook in the class, the material covered seemed too abstract to not be in a text.

    I give Professor Watson credit for his attempts and efforts towards the class. I'm sure this wasn't easy for him.

  10. There can be a lot done in this course differently, as in:
    1. using a textbook -- this would have made it easier.
    2. more time to work in groups.
    3. Overall more clear instructions and concrete materials.

  11. Good instructor. Cares about your understanding of topics. Makes the extra effort to prove experiments.

  12. The on-line lessons are very nice and the way the teacher [taught] us how to used E-mail, pine, Netscape are also very very good. Very beneficial too.

  13. Dr. Watson was very patient and happy to answer any and all questions, which was also very helpful. Some of the classes dragged on though, and discussions outside of the computer lab weren't very beneficial.

  14. I enjoyed the computer aspect of this course. Professor Watson was very knowledgable about computers, which helped me a lot. I did not like how we did not learn out of a textbook because when exam time came it was difficult to know what was on the exam. The only critical comment I have is that Professor Watson needs to raise his tone of voice and sound like he's interested. I feel that when a teacher has a loud and enthusiastic voice it makes me more interested.

  15. I regret that this was (out of necessity) peopled by non-major, non-interest students. Prof. Watson was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I enjoyed learning much-needed e-mail and web info. The University should REQUIRE a course in these!!

  16. Great idea for a class. A little shaky for the first time offered, but I'm sure he will work out the bugs for next semester.

  17. The class could have been a little more structured with relation to a curriculum. The things he would talk about sometimes were not at our level of understanding. He went quickly through things.

  18. This course needs a textbook! Professor Watson is a good instructor, but he is over-qualified to teach this course. This course was too geared to circuitry. I would have preferred to spend a short time on many topics, not a lot of time on 1 or 2 difficult topics, which was done in this course.

    The best part of this class was working on the computer on-line.

  19. Very good instructor, very willing to help all students succeed in learning the material. He knows a great deal of information and is very enthusiastic about teaching it. The course overall was very interesting.

  20. George Watson is deeply fascinated by physics and tries to bridge high-level science and real-world applications and relevance. However, this is not very easy. He is compassionate to his students and tries to be a likeable prof, I don't know why they're so rude to him. He's warm and sympathetic and responsive to his students but the particular subject is hard to bring down to earth.

  21. The approach the instructor took in teaching this class was excellent. It was the kind of course I've always wanted to take, but was never offered. The overall course was great and I enjoyed it very much.

  22. Professor Watson's enthusiasm for the subject helped my motivation. His physical demonstrations aided in putting concepts into reality.

    This course was successful in gaining student's interest in a subject that was not of the student's natural interest. However it could have moved a little faster. I found myself tuning out at times because we reviewed so much.

  23. I feel this class was beneficial in the teaching of technology because that is what I'm interested in. Unfortunately I don't think enough emphasis was placed on individual class and homework. This hindered me because I'm more of an independent person and learn better if I do it myself. Overall, this course was okay, but could be improved if more aspects of physical science [were] covered along with individual work.

  24. Cool course.

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