Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Electrical Energy Use in the World
   CIA World Fact Book: Country Listings

Your group will be assigned to work on the countries in one of the following regions:

  1. 1000 mile radius about Havana
  2. 1500 mile radius about Lima
  3. 2000 mile radius about Lagos
  4. 1000 mile radius about Frankfurt
  5. 1500 mile radius about Beirut
  6. 1500 mile radius about New Dehli
  7. 1500 mile radius about Shanghai
  8. 2000 mile radius about Jakarta
You need consider only countries with a population greater than 0.5 million.
World Map indicating the regions under consideration.


  1. Compile the population and annual electrical energy consumption for each country.
  2. Calculate the per capita annual electrical energy consumption for each country.
  3. What fraction of the world's population does your region hold?
    of the world's electrical energy consumption?
  4. Create a table of countries rank-ordered by the per capita annual consumption.
  5. Examine the table for geographical, political, or other trends that may be present.
  6. Please note any dramatic disparities between neighboring countries.
  7. Write a description of your observations to accompany your graph.
  8. Prepare a three-minute presentation for the next class meeting.

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