SCEN103: Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Student Suggestions and My Responses

My responses are italicized. I sometimes edit slightly, truncate, or abridge the submissions. Listed in reverse chronological order. Make a suggestion!

  1. I was going to put this in the suggestion box, but it won't let me in. So i'll tell you my comment. That was exactly what i expected save one question: For the group presentation question, i had no idea ut would be so detailed. I know for a fact that the question from my group's presentation was not discussed when we gave our presentation. I was unaware that the questions would require actually reading the group's websites. I thought that would be a helpful tip to tell people next time: The question is not necessarily just on what was presented in class. [5/23]

    I probably didn't make it clear enough that the expectation was that you would be primarily able to answer the question based on your group's project, not necessarily the others. [5/23]

  2. I think a little bit of a curve should be instituted... Because of all the group work I am now only riding on a B+ and I think I should have an A in the course. I think I understood the material and applied it well. Please take that into consideration. There should have been more points available for individual work. [5/23]

  3. Better notes should be given and better explanations at lectures. [5/21]

  4. It seems nobody has used this all semester so let me make a suggestion before the end of the semester. Every group has obviously worked very hard to make their web sites absolutely wonderful. It's great to receive comments about the sites, but some comments from students are really terrible and blantantly disrespectful. I look forward to more presentations on Wed. and hopefully everyone will look at all the group web sites with the respect and kindness they deserve. [5/15]

  5. Hmmm... to get into the suggestion box you have to login. a bit unnerving, but that's okay.

    At any rate, while studying for the exam, i realized that it might be helpful in the future to teach the first part of the course with some "traditional" learning. to be more specific, if the fundamental concepts of the hands-on learning were discussed and then applied to the projects, it might yield better understanding. of course, some aspects could be left for us to figure out for ourselves.

    It just seems that we are trying to apply knowledge before we have mastered it, which makes it difficult to apply that same knowledge in other scenarios. if basic concepts were initially outlined and then applied, perhaps better understanding would be possible.

    Just a thought! thanks. [4/25]

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