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Working in Groups

I'm trying to get into grad school, so grades are important to me.
What if I'm in a group with students that don't care about getting good grades?

Group ground-rules, roles of responsibilities, documenting the activities of the group and individuals within the group, and peer pressure within the group help raise expectations of all group members. Each student is responsible for monitoring the functioning within his/her group and the academic level of the discussions, assignments, and research reported. If a student is in a group with another person who resists working as hard as the rest of the members, s/he needs to use all of the group-monitoring methods stated above, giving that individual truthful and direct feedback on his/her performance and the group's expectations. As a last resort, students may wish to seek advice from the instructor, who will help you find ways to deal with conflict and will be prepare to intervene directly, if necessary.

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