Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Working in Groups

I've been in groups before, and I don't like being slowed down by other group members.
I'm not really good in this subject and I'm afraid I'll hold back my group.

How can I change this?

One aspect of cooperative learning that helps maximize every student’s learning is explaining material to other group members.  Every teacher will tell you that it isn't until they've actually taught a topic that they have developed a deep level of understanding it.  When students teach other students they reinforce their own understanding of material, and are forced to face elements of a concept that might not be clearly understood.  And many times students can understand another student's explanation because s/he has also just learned the material and can clearly understand the conceptual pitfalls.  So everyone is a winner in a cooperative group, the one who instructs and the one who listens – both students learn.

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