Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Dear Aunt Sally,

Thanks again for setting me up with this great opportunity! I am really enjoying my internship with our congressional representative. At a recent staff meeting, the senior assistant mentioned having just read "Why the future doesn't need us" by Bill Joy in Wired magazine. Chris was quite alarmed with the article. Someone remembered that I was taking a course on technology at UD this term, so I was drafted to check out the article and bring back the "youth" perspective, either for or against.

I've written four paragraphs so far. I hope you don't think my position on the article is too severe. I know that you have an interest in the expansion of the high-tech sector in our state; could you take a look at my draft and see if it makes sense? I started out with a paragraph summarizing the main point of the author's article, and then expanded on two particular points that were especially interesting to me, one where I agreed with him and one where I didn't. My final wrap-up is brief but I hope it makes my position clear.

By the way, I know how you are always encouraging me to expand my vocabulary, so I picked a word from each of the eleven pages that I almost never use and worked each one into my writing. Cool, huh? (Just for you I've changed the color of the eleven words to make them easy to find.)

Remember the URL I gave you for my new homepage? Well I've set up a password-protected subdirectory named SCEN103. My instructor thinks that just he and I have access to it, but I added your name too! Look for the document named text.html.

Say hello to my folks if you see them. See you during Spring Break!

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