Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution


Jun 14   site:   Powers of Ten
Jun 7   NYTimes   Remote Keyless Entry: Staying a Step Ahead of Car Thieves
Apr 12   NYTimes   Detectors Can Find Just the Right Spot to Drive That Nail
Mar 29   NYTimes   Global Positioning: Getting There With Help From Above
Mar 15   NYTimes   Lifting the Cover of Those Ubiquitous Touch Screens
July 5   SCEN103   Student Course Evaluation -- Written Comments
May 23   E-mail:   Final Grades, etc.
May 21   E-mail:   Selected Answers to Final Exams
May 18   E-mail:   Exam Review
May 17   E-mail:   Exam Review?
May 9   SCEN103   Final Exam Resources
May 4   NYTimes   The Inkjet Color Image, Born in a Rainbow of Tiny Drops
Apr 30   site: - a talking head for news
Apr 24   E-mail:   Exam Review and Selected Answers
Apr 20   Technology
  The End of Moore’s Law?
Special Issue: Beyond Silicon
Apr 19   site:   Keeping up with Time
Apr 17   SCEN103   Winners of the Lights Out! Design Award
Apr 14   E-mail:   Monday's Class Notes
Apr 13   NYTimes   A Chip in Every Pot
Apr 12   E-mail:   Exam schedule - room change
Apr 10   E-mail:   Physics server back to normal
Apr 9   E-mail:   Physics server disruption and alternate site
Apr 8   E-mail:   Physics server woes
Apr 7   E-mail:   Questions for Conectiv Representative?
Apr 6   E-mail:   Midterm Exam Date?
Apr 6   NYTimes   Higher Voltage for High-Tech Cars
Mar 27   SCEN103:   Daylight Savings Time: Don't be late on April 3!
Mar 15   E-mail:   Note: Midterm Exam Resources
Mar 14   Wired   Why the future doesn't need us.
Mar 13   Fortune   Design for the Digital Revolution
Mar 13   NYTimes   Technologist Gives His Peers a Dark Warning
Mar 12   NYTimes   Patently Absurd
Mar 8   E-mail:   Photos of Play-Doh lab
Mar 7   E-mail:   Wednesday 3/8 class.
Mar 7   NYTimes   Powerful Music Software Has IndustryWorried
Mar 6   site:   Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
Mar 6   E-mail:   Response to Minute Papers
Mar 1   E-mail:   Clarification on Assessment
Mar 1   NYTimes   Leaping the Latest Hurdle, Computers Forge Ahead
Feb 22   E-mail:   Stock Portfolios
Feb 28   NYTimes:   Year 2000 Rollover Problem, the Sequel
Feb 25   NYTimes:   Y2K Center on Alert for Leap Year Problems
Feb 22   E-mail:   New venue.
Feb 21   E-mail:   Groundrules documents.
Feb 18   E-mail:   Hairdryer exercise.
Feb 17   E-mail:   Friday 2/18 class.
Feb 10   E-mail:   Friday 2/11 class.
Feb 9   E-mail:   Finding the day's class.
Feb 7   E-mail:   Welcoming e-mail.

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