Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Guidelines for Term Web Project

The project carries a total weight of 20 points, the same as each of our 2 exams.

The project is intended to be a group project.
The scope of the project should be commensurate with the group size.
Each member should contribute in a significant way to the project.

Project Proposal: Project format, scope, and proposed content should be pre-approved by the instructor.
Pre-approval will be accomplished through a contract written and signed by the participating members of the group and reviewed by the instructor.
The contract should spell out the proposed activities and assignment of duties.
12 points are reserved for the content and proposal -- the amount being assigned by the instructor for content, accuracy, and effort.
Due by 5pm on Friday, May 5.

First Draft: Organization of the website is an important part of the project.
Construction of the framework of the site should be done ahead of much of the content development.
A logo should be developed for the bottom of your pages that should be a hyperlink back to your starting page.
Each page should indicated that this is a student project for SCEN103 with a link to the course homepage at the bottom of each page.
Date of last modification should be included for each page.
Uniform appearance of webpages is an important element of a coherent, attractive website.
Please use relative links; your website will be relocated to a permanent home after the course is completed.
Due by 5pm on Monday, May 8. - the general framework of your project, located at your group's webspace.

Second Draft: Feedback and testing is an important part of website development.
Individual contributions to the website need to be properly incorporated into the website.
Due by 5pm on Friday, May 12. - the content of your website, organized for final delivery

Presentation to the other groups is an important part of the project.
Oral presentation will be at the final two meetings of the class.
-- One or several speakers may be designated.
-- Order of presentation will be by lot.
-- Ten minutes would probably be about the right length.
2 points will be reserved for peer grading by other groups (intergroup grading).
Each group will assign a grade between 0 and 1 for each of the other groups' presentation.
4 points will be assigned by the instructor for effectiveness, originality, and coherence of presentation.
I am available for a rehearsal if your group would like to so.
2 points will be reserved for this intragroup grading.
Each group member will anonymously evaluate the contributions of the other members of their group.
A grade between 0 and 1 should be assigned to each member (including an evaluation of your own contribution) and handed or e-mailed to the instructor by 5pm, Wednesday, May 17..
Grades not reported will be taken to be neutral (0.5).
A modified Olympic scoring will be used -- the highest and lowest grades will be discounted.
Scores for groups differing in size will be appropriately scaled by the instructor.

Project Completion
Instructor feedback, as well as student feedback, should be incorporated as needed.
Due by 5pm on Monday, May 22. - website delivered in final state.

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