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Assessment of Individual Performance in Groups

Name of Person You Are Assessing: Your Name:
  Group Name:
For each of the assessment categories below, place an"X" in the box that best indicates the extent to which you think that statement describes the person you are assessing. Fill one out for each member of your group and one for yourself. Forms are due at the start of class on the date given in the syllabus.

1. Does not miss out on group activities by being absent.      
2. Does not miss out on group activities by being late.      
3. Finishes all jobs assigned by the group on time.      
4. Comes to class having read the material necessary for advancing group discussion.      
5. Listens well to others' presentations.      
6. Contributes to the group's discussion.      
7. Does not dominate the discussion.      
8. Brings new and relevant information to the group's discussion.      
9. Uses appropriate resources for researching presentations.      
10. Presents logical ideas and arguments.      
11. Asks questions that promote clearer and deeper understanding.      
12. Communicates ideas and information clearly.      
13. Helps to identify and implement ways that the group can function better.      

Please circle an overall rating:

1.  Excellent - Exceeds expectations 3.  OK - Improvement in some key areas needed
2.  Good - Meets expectations 4.  Major improvement needed

Please use the back of the form to respond to the following two statements. Link your responses to the ratings above as appropriate.

  1. Describe the ways in which this individual most helps your group's learning.
  2. Describe the ways in which a change in this person's behavior could improve your group's learning.

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