Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

End-of-Term Student Evaluations

The following comments are from the written part of the end-of-semester course evaluation by the students. All comments are included; I shuffled the responses randomly.

  1. Prof. Watson is a very unique teacher, the most challenging professor I have had this semester - never accepting anything but the best. The only thing I would change is his vagueness.
  2. Excellent! Very organized, interesting, and available. The concepts are difficult, but he's an excellent professor.
  3. Entertaining and helpful while challenging at the same time. He makes us figure things out ourselves and will always guide us just enough that we can come to the correct answer.
  4. Dr. Watson has been a very interesting as well as challenging instructor. He likes to try his best to make students think on levels theyr'e not used to thinking on. He was a very challenging instructor, but at the same time interesting and helpful.
  5. I thought Prof. Watson was very organized and well-prepared for class at all times. He was helpful with questions and problems, but a little ambitious in his expectations of the the students.
  6. Very accessible outside of class. Always willing to give extra help. Sometimes difficult to understand in class.
  7. I often felt lost because I didn't have the background knowledge to know what was going on. I liked the PBL style, but [needed] a little more guidance.
  8. Often left us to the proverbial wolved during problem solving. Grade was based on ability to find obscure info on the net. A better outline would be helpful. Professor was nice and extremely prompt in responding to problems. Overall, the course was educational.
  9. Very excellent professor. Extremely lively and brings another exciting approach to the Honors Colloquium.
  10. I think he could have been more clear in his explanations of concepts at times. He also could have gone over the out-of-class problems better. Overall the subject of the course was good, as was the professor.
  11. Watson was a sauve guy. He was a good teacher, but a little confusing. He hit it off well with the [students].
  12. Watson is funny.
  13. Dr. Watson was an ineffective teacher. The material learned in class was beyond the scope of a basic science class. The projects explained in class were vague and not enough information was given by the start of a project. Dr. Watson expected way too much of us. He expected us to have an understanding of circuits before we entered the class when most of us did not. However Watson made an honest attempt to keep the class interesting.
  14. Professor Watson is a nice man and cares if we learn what we are doing. But the class wasn't great. I do not care for problem-based learning. Group work is not how we should learn informtion. It needs to be taught in class - not all on our own.
  15. It would have been really helpful if he explained the material. The course description did not reflect the course. We are honors students, yes, but we are not mechanical of electrical engineers. We were assigned problems on things we have never been taught and were given very little to help us solve them. I realize the point is for us to figure it out; however, if we don't even have a clue where to start, how can we be expected to solve them?
  16. He is a nice guy but he expected us to know way more physics than said in the course description. Stuff was too hard (he was giving us problems he gave his 300-level course and we are a 100-level). He also wasn't much help when we had a questions - he's say go find out, but if you tried and still couldn't find the info he wouldn't help you.
  17. Fantastic presentations on how things work... I still think that more "traditional" learning prior to hands-on assignments would be helpful. I didn't particularly enjoy working in groups due to participation problems with other group members.
  18. Should offer more chances to accumulate points. Grade is too heavily based on group work.
  19. This class was OK. I did not like the group work because we did not learn enough in class to be able to do the problems. I think problem-based learning is ridiculous. It just allows the teacher to be lazy. The second half of the semester was a little better, because the professor lectured and the material we had to work on was actually covered in class. Professor Watson is a very nice man and tries to help us learn. That is the only reason I kept coming to class - otherwise it was pretty much a waste of time.
  20. The SCEN103 course was quite fun and very educational. Professor Watson has an interesting way of making you think the way he wants you to. And he always expects the most detail possible.
  21. Moved too fast in lab, but was helpful and willing when questioned. Expected too much on group projects (too much time commitment) and too hard to do the projects. Very enthusiastic about class and course material.
  22. Dr. Watson was a great instructor and extremely fair, but sometimes moved too fast through the computer labs especially. The group projects were often extremely vague (he wanted to be), but this often made confusion for us. The group projects were very time consuming and they often resulted in a lack of sleep.

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