Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

Visit with Mark Godfrey from Conectiv

Questions proposed by student groups, in no particular order:

KT:   From where does most of Newark's energy come? How is it generated? (fossil fuels, nuclear, etc.)
How do you see the future of our electrical power?
Where will the progression lead when fossil fuels are no longer accessible?
SNIC:   What percentage of Delaware's energy consumption is from the University of Delaware?
VUTK:   What are the advantages/disadvantages of nuclear power vs. conventional power?
Was the Y2k problem really as serious as all the hype?
CGZ:   What is the relationship between the cost and the profit of new technology?
BOCI:   Why aren't all wires underground?
ZING:   How is the power grid read and managed?

How does Conectiv provide power to the University of Delaware via the City of Newark?
How does it compensate for the difference between power consumption when college students are and are not here?

XDGS:   What was up with the brown-outs on Sunday? Should we be expecting more or was it just a power hick-up?

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