Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution

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The Compact Disc

"Bookbag of the Future", 3/2/2000
Courtesy of New York Times
How does a CD work?
Storage capacity of a CD
650 Mb (megabytes)
Playing time of an audio CD?
Slideshow: CD Optics and "Scratch Resistance"
Live demonstration of scratch resistance of CD
(gradual destruction of CD by intentional scratching)
Discussion of laser pickup
focusing mechanism
focusing alignment
tracking alignment
Clarification of 8-to-14 encoding
Slideshow: Manufacturing of CDs
CD-ROM Handbook, ed. Chris Sherman (McGraw-Hill, 1994).
The CD-ROM Drive, A Brief System Description, Soring G. Stan (Kluwer Academic, 1998).
The physics of the compact disc, John A. Cope, Phys. Educ 28, 15 (1993).

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