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[warning]Electrical Safety


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Today's Class

This is presented as a public service. Please inform me if you find any errors...
(Apologies -- source of some information lost years ago!)

[Ouch!] CURRENT KILLS (not voltage)

Current Effects on human body, current through chest
(A, amps)
<0.01 tingling or imperceptible
0.02 painful, cannot let go
0.03 breathing disturbed
0.07 breathing very difficult
0.10 death due to fibrillation
>0.20 no fibrillation, but severe burning, no breathing

Also please see Electrical Hazards from the MIT Safety Office

[High Voltage]
graphic from City of Austin Electric Utility


Electrical Safety from the MIT Safety Office
Using Electricity Safely from Ohio Edison
Safety Search (for children) from Union Electric

Today's Group Activity

Quiz instead...

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