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Parallel Combination:

[Schematic of simplest circuit]

Once again by examination of the circuit, the voltage across the 3 ohm resistor is seen to be 3 V. The presence of the 6 ohm resistor does not effect the 3 ohm resistor, as configured with the ideal battery shown.

Applying Ohm's law,
I = V/R = (3 V) / (3 ohm) = 1.0 A

The 6 ohm resistor is similarly unaffected by the 3 ohm resistor; its current is the same as before, 0.5 A.

The current in the battery is the sum of the currents flowing in the two resistors; it provides 0.5 A for the 6 ohm resistor and 1.0 A for the 3 ohm resistor for a total of 1.5 A.

Note that the current through the 3 ohm resistor is twice that of the 6 ohm resistor; that branch has half the resistance.

A current of 0.5 A flows in the 6 ohm resistor, as before.
A current of 1.0 A flows in the 3 ohm resistor.
A current of 1.5 A flows in the battery, the sum of the currents above.

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