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chdgrp (change default group) is the UNIX command that permits you to change the funding source (project) for your computer account. Executing chdgrp from my account yields:
     strauss.udel.edu% chdgrp
     Project Title ............. Remaining Valid on hosts
      0522   PHYSNET                     720.83       brahms 
      1302   PHOTON LOCALIZATION          93.63       brahms 
      2063   SCEN103010-11               977.76       brahms 
      4000   U. OF D. E-MAIL              -8.59       brahms 

     default group is currently 2063

Your default group is probably 4000, issued to all students at UD. You may change at any time to the SCEN103 project by executing the following command from your account:

     strauss.udel.edu% newgrp 2063 

You may "permanently" change to the SCEN103 project for the remainder of the semester by exectuting:

     strauss.udel.edu% chdgrp 2063

To change back:

     strauss.udel.edu% chdgrp 4000

Your initial allotment is $80 from this project; if you need more during the semester, just let me know.

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