SCEN103 -- CD Manufacturing

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The following steps are representative of the process currently used for mass producing compact discs.

  1. Preparation of Glass Master
  2. Spincoating of Photoresist
  3. Exposure of Photoresist
  4. Development of Glass Master
  5. Metalization of Glass Master
  6. Electroforming
  7. Formation of Metal Master
  8. Formation of Metal Mother
  9. Creation of Stampers
  10. Preparation of Stamper
  11. Injection Molding
  12. Formation of Compact Disc
  13. The Transparent Compact Disc
  14. Metalization of Signal Surface
  15. Protection of Signal Surface
  16. Final Preparation
Reference: CD-ROM Handbook, edited by Chris Sherman (McGraw-Hill, 1994).
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