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This page started on May 12, 1999...

Received on April 16, 1999
Subject: your page just saved my sanity ...

So it's 1:23 am, I'm still at work. This project is going nearly nowhere ... then I realize that I just need to spit out a tab character (which this totally Ass tool can do), and life will be better.

I search through 6 current O'Riley books and a lot of old Geek books looking for the darned ascii table that used to be standard in ALL computer books a few years ago.

I almost give up to climb the highest building and plunge to my death till I actually try using the web for something aside from wasting time.

I pull up www.locos.com, literally type "What is tab in ascii", have to flip through 4 pages, but get your page http://www.physics.udel.edu/wwwusers/watson/scen103/ascii.html

Dude, you just saved my sanity. You rock ! ! !

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