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Alta Vista http://www.altavista.com/   Yahoo! http://www.yahoo.com/search.html
Excite http://www.excite.com/   HotBot http://www.hotbot.com/
Magellan http://www.mckinley.com/   WebCrawler http://www.webcrawler.com/
Lycos http://www.lycos.com/   Infoseek http://www.infoseek.com/
Exercise 1
    Try four of the web search tools in turn to find information about
SCEN103. Rate them in their effectiveness (number of pages found, speed of access, speed of search, priority of results) in finding the SCEN103 homepage. Choose from poor, good, excellent.

Search Tool               Speed of Access to Search Site Speed of Search
Number of Hits Priority of Hits

Exercise 2
    Use one or two of the effective search engines to find two websites devoted to a general topics in which you are interested. Note that websites devoted to the topic are better for this exercise than individual pages.

Report the location of each website, also known as URLs or links, that you found as a result of searching the Internet. The Netsite: appears in the window under the toolbar.


    Location 1: http://_____________________________________________

    Location 2: http://_____________________________________________

(It's possible that http may not be the type of transfer protocol that you find; for example, you may have arrived via gopher. If http does not appear as part of the URL, the "Uniform Resource Locator," scratch out http above and write the correct protocol.)

Exercise 3
    Evaluate the two websites using the following criteria using a poor/good/excellent/ scale. The criteria are from Teaching Undergrads Web Evaluation.

Website               Accuracy Authority
Objectivity Currency Coverage


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