SCEN103 Computer Lab Reverse Internet Challenge

Who won the bronze medal for the Javelin throw in the 1964 Olympics?

  1. AltaVista: +Javelin +Olympics +bronze
  2. Fourth entry: Past results: Javelin in the Track and Field portion of the almanac of the ESPN site for the 1996 Summer Olympics
    Tokyo 1964    Gold        Pauli Nevala       Finland         82.66
                  Silver      Gergely Kulcsar    Hungary         82.32
                  Bronze      Janis Lusis        Soviet Union    80.57
  3. Past results: Women's Javelin
    Tokyo 1964          Gold    Mihaela Penes       Romania       60.5
                        Silver  Marta Rudas         Hungary       58.2
                        Bronze  Yelena Gorchakova   Soviet Union  57.0
  4. Here is another excellent site for the javelin.
  5. Answer: Janis Lusis (mens) and Yelena Gorchakova (womens) of the Soviet Union
  6. Confirmed by searching for Lusis and Gorchakova, found on numerous lists.

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