SCEN103 Computer Lab Reverse Internet Challenge

What student attacked Johann Sebastian Bach in 1705? What instrument did the student play?

  1. For a change I started with Britannica Online: Bach
  2. Found that it was a bassoon player in the Arnstadt period, but unfortunately no name.
  3. From AltaVista: Bach
  4. Found
  5. From the biography page to a map page to an Arnstadt page.
  6. Preliminary answer: bassoon player Geyersbach
  7. Returning to AltaVista: +Geyersbach
  8. Fourth entry: Sojurn: Zippel Fagottist -- nanny-goat bassoonist
  9. Also found the following detailed answer at Bach Bits of March 9, 1997
    Answer: Bach the troublemaker: A student bassoonist, J.H. Geyersbach, took umbrage with Bach's comparing his playing to the bleating of a nanny-goat. On the night of Aug. 4, 1705, Geyersbach and five companions confronted Bach. Geyersbach threatened the young church organist and music teacher with a stick, and Bach drew his sword. The disputants were separated, but school authorities later cited Bach for failure to get along with his students.
  10. Also found Bach Central Station, another interesting Bach site.

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