SCEN103 Computer Lab Reverse Internet Challenge

On what date and time was this year's Freshman Parents Orientation at Burr and Burton Seminary, in Manchester, Vermont?

  1. Started with College and University Homepages - no listing. Perhaps it's not a college?
  2. AltaVista: +"Burr and Burton Seminary"
    First entry <> -- cobwebbed site...
  3. Tried again with just +"Burr and Burton"
    Found the Vermont Education Guide at 10th entry
  4. Found newer homepage at <>
    No, that's still not the latest site!
    Now it transfers automatically to a newer location at <>;
    it was not doing that on the day of the search!
  5. Found Assistant Headmaster's address at <faculty.html>
    E-mailed the following message to
        Subject: Parents Orientation
        Can you tell me the date and time of this year's
        Freshman Parents Orientation at Burr and Burton Seminary?
        Thanks in advance.
  6. Found an additional URL from updated e-mail address shown at <amateur.html>
    Finally found what I think is current URL at <http://www.BurrBurton.Manchester.VT.US/>
  7. Found the answer at <Calendar.html>

    Answer: 7:00pm on August 27 for 1998.

  8. Answer was confirmed (the last Thursday in August) with the following e-mail reply from the Assistant Headmaster:
        Although the calendar has not been finalized, my best guess
        for the orientation will be August 26 1999 @ 7:00 p.m.
        You have piqued my curiosity-what is your interest in
        Burr & Burton?

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