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The Internet Challenge: Phase II

Report your solutions to the questions posed in the prior class in a format similar to that shown in my examples below. In particular, I would like you to create a webpage for each question you solve and include a graphical element of interest. Include a description of the process through which you found the answer, along with notable failed attempts or disappointing paths through the ether. Comment on the appropriateness of the websites used and try to confirm your answer independently when possible. You will be judged on the presentation of your solution as well as its accuracy. E-mail me the URL for each page when completed.

Examples of Successful Internet Challenge Hunts

Your Answers

  1. When was Ohm's law discovered? Where did Prof. Ohm work when it was first published? Who else became a Fellow in the Royal Society of London the same year as Prof. Ohm?

  2. The base 10 number system is known as decimal. What is the base 20 number system called? What group of people are noted for using it? Write 1999 using their symbols.
    Answer; Search

  3. Who pioneered work on the lithium battery? When? When was the lithium ion battery commercialized and by which company? Where would one go in the U.S. to "harvest" lithium?

  4. Select a state of the U.S. and find its energy consumption. What fraction of the worl's consumption is this? What fraction of the world's population does this state have?

  5. Who filed for the first U.S. patent for a handheld calculator? When? I bought a Commodore scientific calculator in my sophomore year of college (for $129 I think). What model was it?

  6. Of what material is the filament of an incandescent lamp made? What is its melting temperature? Why is halogen added?
    Answer; Search

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