SCEN103 Computer Lab SCEN103 Class 15

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Downloading and Uploading Files
    UD Software Distribution   -   UD Anti-Virus Homepage


    Step 1:   Create a download subdirectory using File manager
    Step 2:   Download and install WinZip
        (The two steps above only need to be done once per computer.)
    Step 3:   Download and install files of interest.

    Easy Download Guide
        Best Free Files of '99 from ZDNet (story)
            IrfanView32   -   Official Homepage
    Download IrfanView32 for later use with image manipulation.

Uploading to Your Homepage Subdirectory

One approach - Win95 native ftp software
    Step 1:   Click on Start from the taskbar, then Run ftp
    Step 2:   Enter username and password for your composer account.
    Step 3:   cd public_html to get to your homepage subdirectory
        UNIX-like commands prevail!
    Step 4:   lcd a:/myphotos, an example of switching to a local subdirectory
    Step 5:   bin or asc
        select binary for images files and other non-text files
        and asc
ii for text and html files.
    Step 6:   put file.gif to upload; get index.html to download

Easier approach - Use more advanced ftp software
    WS_FTP Pro is one that I use for PCs.
        Download a 30-day evaluation copy.
    Fetch is the Mac functional-equivalent.

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